Lori Beth Charlton

Care Manager – Lori Beth Charlton

I cannot count the number of times I’ve had people confuse my role as a Care Manager with the role of a  Case Manager, or even mistakenly call me a Case Manager right after I introduce myself as someone’s Care Manager. It’s a simple mistake and usually is not a big deal. However, when people start to think they do not need a Care Manager because they already have a Case Manager, it becomes very important to make the distinction between the two.  I’ve outlined the biggest differences in Case Management and Care Management below.

Case Manager

  • A Case Manager is usually affiliated with a certain institution, facility or entity (hospital, rehab facility or insurance company). While they allow for patient choice and attempt to provide unbiased support to the patient or client, they must function within the boundaries and restrictions set by the group or institution for which they work. Often times the Case Manager’s institutional alliance can affect to whom and where they refer their clients for additional resources.


  • Most often a Case Manager follows a medical model. Whether they are connecting patients to outside resources to prepare them for discharge from the hospital, or they are managing the care a patient is receiving while on a certain service, the majority of the time these services are related to one’s medical needs only.


  • Case Managers usually provide referrals to needed resources, but are unable to provide ongoing oversight and follow up with these resources. Once the situation or environment that created the Case Manager and patient or client relationship ends, their role as someone’s Case Manager ends.


Care Manager

  • Aging Life Care Managers have an allegiance to the client and their family only. Every bit of our work is based on the needs and wants of the client and family and we do not align ourselves with any certain agency, providers, or institutions. This allows us to freely connect our clients to the resources that best fit their needs.


  • We take a holistic approach in the Care Management we provide. This means we assess and manage all aspects of life, not just the medical portion. We do oversee and manage the medical needs of our clients and often times work closely with Case Managers who may be assigned to our clients through a specific institution or agency, and make it a point not to duplicate the service/s they are able to provide. We also ensure that our client’s social, emotional, financial, legal, and housing needs are met. We look at the big picture and connect our clients with the needed resources and support to ensure they have and live an abundant life.


  • We oversee and manage the day to day happenings of our clients’ lives as time passes and provide oversight of the different resources with which we have connected them. If our client has hired us for ongoing Care Management we will interface with entities  such as CPAs, Caregiving agencies,  Trust Officers, Home Health or Hospice Agencies, Doctors and Pastors,  on a regular basis to ensure our clients continue to receive exceptional care and all pieces of their lives fit together appropriately.

If you need help from a Care Manager, please reach out to Long Term Liaisons at 803-215-1019 or email us at info@longtermliaisons.com.