Important considerations when looking for the right Assisted Living Community, for your loved one, are comparing the prices and quality of care given by the staff of each facility. However, there are other things to consider in order to ensure they have the highest quality of life possible, once they move into the community. Here are the top 3 areas to evaluate and consider, along with a few questions to ask yourself and the potential community staff. 

  1. Current Residents: That’s right, take the time to scope out the people already residing there. Ask yourself if your loved one will feel at home and welcomed by the other residents? Will they have things in common to talk about? Are there enough residents currently living there who have similar cognitive abilities as the potential resident?
  2. Location of the room: When you are looking at Assisted Living Communities there will only be certain rooms available. It is important to consider the needs of your loved one when looking at the location of the available room(s). For example, if they have a pet you will want to see where the closest door is in order to take the pet out for a walk. You’ll want to see how far the walk is to the dining room.  If they are sensitive to noise, ask about the neighbors’ habits and TV volume. Will it be easy for them to get to the main areas of the building from the available room?
  3. Type of activities offered: I can almost guarantee that every single assisted living community will have bingo on their activity calendar, but you will want to see what else they offer. Think about the potential resident‘s hobbies and interests and narrow the search to communities that provide activities aligned to them and that they will find interesting. For example, does the community take its residents out to eat or to local musical shows? Where does the facility take them for their shopping outings? What types of groups and entertainment come to the community?

By reviewing these additional items, you will find a location that matches the interests and needs of your loved one. It will help reduce your stress knowing they are living in a place where they can participate in activities they enjoy, meet new friends, and have the type of room that suits their unique needs. If you need to find a living location for your loved one, the team at Long Term Liaisons is ready to help you. We help identify and clarify the needs of your loved one and use our experience to help you find the best option. We do not receive any referral funds from the Assisted Living Communities, so you know that our recommendations are based on your family’s unique needs. We would be happy to help you!