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How We Have Helped Others Facing Similar Situations

It is with great pleasure that I am submitting a 5-star rating of Long Term Liaisons. The excellent care and deep knowledge of the realm of eldercare they consistently demonstrated during each of their interactions with my father over the course of his last year were outstanding. The team from LTL, headed by Amy Hane, made it possible for me to let go of the impossible task of attempting to monitor and manage Dad’s issues from hundreds of miles away; they allowed me to enjoy being a daughter once again. I was kept beautifully informed about the issues I needed to be aware of, and I knew I could reach out to LTL for help at any time and they would quickly respond. Their extensive network of community and medical contacts, combined with their ability to compassionately and creatively deal with a multitude of challenging issues, made it possible for Dad to move through his final months with the best possible quality of life. I am deeply grateful to Amy and her splendid team.

– Wendy, Daughter of Client

February 27, 2021

Amy and Long Term Liaisons have been life savers. Both my sister and I live quite far from our mother, who is elderly with a range of physical and cognitive challenges. Having Amy and her team nearby has been like having a family member living in Augusta. They make sure our mother gets the care and attention she needs, and that we are aware of what’s going on despite living far away. The care and service have been invaluable, and conducted with real concern and emotion.

– Eliot, Son of Client

My mother and mother-in-law faced a significant change in their mental and physical status and I soon realized that I was not capable of handling the overwhelming number of concerns we were facing. Long Term Liaisons made a detailed assessment and provided us with a written plan of action. My family and I felt an immediate sense of relief. They supported us along our journey and provided support when we needed it. Trust me, do not attempt to sort all of this out on your own as it is too complex and nearly impossible to remain objective when it is happening in your own family. Please call LTL and get the kind of experience, caring and straight-forward advice that will give you peace of mind knowing you are doing the best you can to assist your family member during one of life’s greatest challenges.

– Russell “Rusty” Bethune Jr.

I have worked with Long Term Liaisons for the last several years when my Mom started needing more and more care. Their detailed knowledge of available resources ensured that Mom got exactly what she needed and more. Amy developed a wonderful friendship and rapport with Mom during her frequent visits and she treated my Mom as if she were her own Mom. Their management of Mom’s care was superb, and their professionalism is unparalleled. Their team was available at a moment’s notice when crises arose and they always answered calls and emails extremely promptly. They knew what to do at times when I was overwhelmed and had no idea what to do next and through red tape when Mom was hospitalized and in rehab. I am convinced that Mom’s quality of life was greatly enhanced by their care and arrangement of care. Above and beyond care management though, Amy became a true friend to both Mom and me and supported our whole family.

– Karen L.

Long Term Liaisons has been a lifesaver for me the past 5 years! During this time, Amy and her staff have encountered challenging and difficult situations with my aging parents, but she has been a wealth of knowledge, a voice of reason, a shoulder to cry on, and a true friend. As an only child living 500 miles away from Aiken, I cannot imagine my life or my parents life without LTL as my point of contact.

– Scottie C.

My family and I have worked with Long Term Liaisons for over two years and have never been anything but extremely pleased with the results. Amy has been very professional, trustworthy and caring for my parents. Her network of employees, medical personnel and facilities is very impressive. Her management of their long term care and their daily lives has made us, as distant family, so relieved that there is someone there who seems to care for them as much as we do.

– Terry

I live so far away and worried very much about my parents. Because I am a social worker myself, I knew that geriatric care managers could be a real asset. Long Term Liaisons was professional and hands-on. Beginning with a thorough assessment all the way to eventually helping my parents make an assisted living decision, Amy always answered the phone and emails to assure us all. At the difficult time of trying to figure out ‘what to do’ as my parents aged, Amy Hane was such a professional! Armed with all the information about the care services available in the Aiken-Augusta area, we were comforted. Long term care decisions were eventually made and Amy was kind and more than helpful. Because I am a professor of social work, I wish my students could have a ‘look into’ the most excellent care as a case example!

– Karen R.

The services provided by the incredible staff at Long Term Liaisons are phenomenal.  If you don’t need them now, one day you will…so take note!  If you have an elder loved one you are concerned about in any way, or have questions regarding guardianship, financial, or legal matters, or need to coordinate long distance care for them…with passion and integrity, they will advise with heart! I’ve worked with them for years. Simply amazing. 

– Rebecca Quinn

The Long Term Liaison care managers were incredibly helpful in sorting through the details of my mother’s healthcare during her final months. This was by far the best decision I made during a very emotional and complicated time. I highly recommend their services, especially if you live out of town and are seeking the best care for your parents.

– Van Washburn

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