The purpose of Social Work Month is twofold: to honor the invaluable contributions of social workers to society and to advance the profession of social work. This observance is significant as it sheds light on the crucial services provided by social workers, particularly to vulnerable and marginalized groups.

Social work aims to bridge gaps in access to essential services and resources, advocating for improved healthcare accessibility for seniors, and offering valuable resources and emotional support to both the elderly and their families. National Social Work Month, established by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) in 1963, serves to recognize and celebrate the profession’s impact. Each year, a different theme is chosen to spotlight various facets of social work, with 2024’s theme being “Empowering Social Workers: Inspiring Action, Leading Change.”

At Long Term Liaisons we include social workers on our care management team. When a team of professionals bring their expertise and discipline to the mix it creates a way for us to support our clients in a holistic manner, so we greatly appreciate our social workers’ involvement in the important work we do.

On our team, social workers serve as guides through complex systems like healthcare, advocacy, family relations, and the well-being of our clients. Moreover, they offer essential counseling and support to individuals and families grappling with life’s adversities, such as illness, bereavement, and disability. These reasons underscore the importance of recognizing and celebrating the remarkable work of social workers on our team and in our communities.

Social work significantly contributes to improving seniors’ access to healthcare services. Often, seniors face barriers like limited awareness, inability to coordinate their complex care which can result in infrequent contact with healthcare professionals. Social workers play a pivotal role in enhancing health literacy among seniors by offering insights into available health options and making sure all their other needs are met together. Our collaboration with other professionals in the community also provides our clients with services that meet all their needs.

There are many social workers throughout the CSRA community that are providing vital services to those who are vulnerable or in need. We honor and respect the work of all social workers as they work hard to make a difference. If you are a social worker, please share with us how you are serving the community as well as something you would like the community to know about you or the work that you do.

If you need an advocate who can help partner with you to coordinate healthcare, aging in place, dementia care, or any other need related to aging, please reach out to us at Long Term Liaisons – (803) 215-1019 or