It is great in theory to invite all of the relatives to your house for a family gathering; however, if you are planning to host your aging loved one, consider these points to ensure that the visit is comfortable and enjoyable for you both.
Does your loved one need specific durable medical equipment for comfort or safety? These items may include a recliner lift chair, wheelchair, cane, walker, shower chair, bedside commode, temporary/suction grab bars in the shower. These can be either purchased or rented from a Durable Medical Equipment store. Do your homework before your loved one arrives to determine which of these they may need so that you are prepared.

If your loved one struggles with dementia, then being in a place other than their current living environment may be disconcerting and you will need to be aware to make sure they are safe. Consider having them sleep near you so you can hear them if they need you at night. If you have concerns about your loved one possibly wandering, you might put temporary alarms on the exterior doors of the home.

Overall, you want your loved one to feel “at home”. Work to keep your loved one on as much of a “schedule” as possible as that will help him or her feel calmer and in turn more able to visit and engage with everyone. Be sure that their medications are given correctly, and that all of their personal items are readily available so they do not have to search for them. You might even put signs on doors (pantry, bathroom, garage), so that they feel well oriented and can be helpful if you ask them to assist with tasks that require them to navigate around your home.

Have a great Holiday, and an even better time connecting with those you LOVE and those who LOVE you.

“For the last decade, Amy Hane has been committed to serving the CSRA community by guiding those going through mental, physical and social issues related to caring for an aging or disabled loved one. She assists families with transitions to higher quality care for the safety and wellbeing of all involved.

Amy holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of South Carolina, is a licensed Master Social Worker in South Carolina and Georgia, an Advanced Professional Aging Life Care Manager and also a Certified Advanced Social Work Case Manager.”