The Joys of the Front Porch….

Q: What activities can my aging loved one participate in while we’re on vacation together?

Often, as we find ourselves being caregivers for elderly loved ones in our life, we long for a vacation. However, we often consider whether to take our loved one with us. If you decide to invite your elderly loved one on your family vacation, think of the front porch as the window for the loved one to participate as fully as possible.

Consider this: You might have your 90-year-old mother or grandmother join you at the beach house. She can enjoy many facets of the beach vacation by sitting in the rocking chair on the front porch. She can hopefully see the ocean as the tides lap gently at the shore, perhaps her hearing is still good enough that she can listen to the surf, and maybe even see or hear her grandkids or great-grandkids playing and splashing in the water. She could certainly enjoy watching them come back from the beach, all dirty with sand but with smiles on their faces. She can sit on the porch and enjoy conversation with you and the rest of her family and sip sweet tea, lemonade or maybe a glass of wine. Perhaps she can watch the sunrise or the sunset. Maybe she enjoys playing cards, and you can invite her to join in a family game of cards as you sit at the picnic table on the front porch. Maybe she likes to read, and she can rock and read, even if she can’t walk on the beach like everyone else.

There are ways to incorporate your family member who is not as capable physically or cognitively as he or she used to be. Just be creative, and he or she will be so glad that you included them.


For the last decade, Amy Hane has been committed to serving the CSRA community by guiding those going through mental, physical and social issues related to caring for an aging or disabled loved one. She assists families with transitions to higher quality care for the safety and wellbeing of all involved.

Amy holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of South Carolina, is a licensed Master Social Worker in South Carolina and Georgia, an Advanced Professional Aging Life Care Manager and also a Certified Advanced Social Work Case Manager.