The Value of Good Partnerships and Trusted Relationships During a Pandemic

In any business, it is always important to have a network of professionals that you can count on for support, referrals, and partnerships. Aging Life Care is no exception and possibly relies on informal partnerships more than other businesses. We not only need referral sources to partner with to keep our business flourishing, but we need solid relationships and working partnerships with a myriad of entities and services to help us provide our clients with exceptional care management. The contacts and connections we have within physicians’ offices, home care agencies, hospitals, and long term care facilities are imperative for us to do our job in any normal circumstance. However, this pandemic has revealed that the groundwork that had been done to have these working relationships in place, was more than worth it to know our clients are well taken care of during such an unprecedented time.

As Aging Life Care Managers, we take the task of knowing our clients’ needs, wants, and everything in between very seriously. It is our job to ensure our clients are safe, they are secure, and they are as happy as possible given their situations. One of the ways we can do this is by making regular in-home visits with our clients. Having the ability to use our skills of active listening while also observing nonverbal communication and changes in the person’s demeanor, personality, and even parts of their living environment tell us so much. We pride ourselves in being detail-oriented so that we catch potential concerns or issues before they happen. This allows us to think critically to objectively provide a solution and ensure continued safety and well-being for our clients. Obviously, due to COVID-19 precautions, we have not been able to visit our clients in their home environments for well over a month, unless it was absolutely required.

Not being able to make home visits, relying on short Facetime, Zoom or phone calls, and a few social distance visits with a window between us has required us to lean on our trusted partnerships with other providers more than ever. Thankfully, we do not have any major hardships with the care provided to any of our residents in long term care facilities and have a solid open line of communication with the staff in all of these communities. We have long-standing partnerships with many in-home care agencies that have gone above and beyond to continue to provide service that is of the highest quality that we expect and appreciate. The connections we have within our clients’ physicians’ offices have proven vital to continue to ensure our clients’ medical needs’ are met often without having to expose our clients to the risk of going out to the doctor. It truly is because of these well-established relationships and partnerships that we are able to continue to provide exceptional care management during such unprecedented times. It has been rewarding to see these connections with other providers shine through as we utilize their time and expertise. These connections allow us to ensure our clients are well cared for at this time of uneasiness and hesitancy about the future of care for all of us in general.